Who is Leslie Quagraine? An artist and designer with a long career as an illustrator. Born, raised and educated in London, but living in Finland for many, many years.

My uncle introduced me to plastic model kits, aviation magazines and books. I picked up a lot about aeroplanes, from pioneering biplanes to jets; aces, test pilots, technology and adventure. My school mates were sure I was going to be a pilot, but art college was the place I wanted to be, and I spent five years at college.

In my illustrating career I have used just about every technique, from traditional tools such as pencil, pen, brush, airbrush with ink  and paints, to the Mac and a whole range of software. Although I have worked on a variety of commissions and longterm projects, editorial illustration — the field of newspapers, magazines and books — has been my main area of work because it is idea based and has the most interesting problems to be solved.